Shopping and Entertainment fair for families under one roof. Providing a high-level organized type of consumer products fair that offers all the needs of SPRING Season and creates a wonderful atmosphere for all visitors. Families can enjoy a comfortable shopping environment and safe entertainment for children. The fair attracts visitors from all over the country.




The Jeddah Shopping Fair is an event where all factors of success integrate, its diversified activities, timing during the spring vacation and the properly managed advertising campaign to attract 100 thousand visitors of different ages and categories of the exhibition.




Family Shopping Area
Area of productive families and handicrafts
Kids Games
Restaurants and fast food stalls
Textiles and garments
Leather goods and footwear
Gifts, Antiques and Porcelain
Furniture, furnishings and decoration
Perfumes and cosmetics
Shoes & Leather products
Household electrical and electronic equipment
Mother and Child Games
Food and sweets
Craft and heritage products
Handcrafted handicrafts