Our Services


For more than 15 years, NEC has been one of the leading players in Saudi Arabia in the events industry providing state-of-the art events services. Our core business is organizing, managing and operating exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and touristic, entertainment & shopping festivals as well as managing exhibitions centers and their peripherals from hotels, entertainment parks and commercials offices.

Our ultimate goal is to conduct the events to the highest level of business standards and make sure that our partners/customers will get the most out of it.

NEC has got broaden expertise in providing the following:

  • National and international trade and industrial fairs.
  • Tourism, entertainment and shopping festivals.
  • Public and private conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Reserve state-of-the-art venues, with all amenities, such as storage area, water supplies, electricity and air conditioning and cleaning facilities.
  • Helping and advising customers for managing or getting licenses and permissions for their own events.
  • Providing solutions and designs for standard & special stands.
  • Providing advertising and promotional materials (Exhibitor badges, visitor registration form, invitation cards, and the exhibition brochures, etc.).
  • Issue entry visas for foreign exhibitors and visitors.
  • Arranging accommodation for exhibitors and facilitate their transportation to/from the exhibition site.
  • Launching advertising campaigns.
  • Conducting the inaugural reception.
  • Providing comprehensive insurance of exhibitors, exhibition hall, and fittings.
  • Appointing airlines, carriers, and custom clearance agent.
  • Providing business centers, organizer’s office facilities, and registration office and conference hall.
  • Designing exhibition logo symbolizing meaning and objectives of the event.

We always strictly maintains the following standards while conducting any of its events, which are:

  • The statement provided with respect to any Event is accurate and correct.
  • Record and publish attendance by visitors at all Trade Exhibitions, and issue attendance statement upon request.
  • Adhere to the promises and undertakings in the printed materials, and notify actual exhibitors with any changes.
  • Provide public liability insurance coverage for exhibits and site.
  • Appoint efficient contractors, and observe their commitment to uniform and reasonable charges.
  • Provision of health and safety facilities.
  • Provide recognized services, efficient attendant.
  • Staff, general cleaning, Press and foreign visitor’s facilities in accordance with the exhibition nature during build up, open and breakdown intervals.
  • Insure reasonable pricing for installation and dismantling of exhibition putting into account availability of halls and nature of exhibition.